Redefining competitive advantage.

Innovative Technology in Emerging Markets

Disruption demands a fresh perspective and ever-evolving direction. To achieve competitive agility, companies need to remain nimble so they're better prepared to reposition themselves for growth now and into the future. Managing risk, defining long-term strategies, and executing them successfully are fundamental to success. We believe these are the priorities that define a socially-responsible company and compels our attention as investors.

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Aris Kekedjian, Managing Director

Aris advises global companies on finance and merger and acquisition strategies, drawing on his three decades of Fortune 20 experience. His expertise spans 30 years with General Electric Company, where he most recently served as Chief Investment Officer. He was instrumental in the $30 billion merger between GE Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes, which combined industrial service operations in 120 countries. Whilst there, he also led acquisitions in multiple disruptive industries, including the industrial Internet of Things, 3D printing, life sciences, and renewable energy. Earlier positions at GE included roles as Deputy Treasurer, and Managing Director, Latin America. Additionally, as a divisional executive at GE, Aris served as global head of financial portfolio management and M&A for GE Capital; Chief Financial Officer of GE Banking and Consumer Finance (GE Money) for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions; and CEO of GE Capital for the MEA region, among other roles.


At present, Aris serves on the board of directors of XPO Logistics. He formerly served on the board of directors of transportation geo-technology provider Maptuit (now Verizon), and on the advisory board of enterprise software company eMOBUS (now Asentinel). Mr. Kekedjian holds a degree in finance and international business from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

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As disruptive technologies upset traditional operating models, displace existing products and services, and create new opportunities, a company’s growth and earnings have never been more unpredictable. Leaders are under pressure to take bigger wagers on innovation and act on them.  Many companies do not have effective processes for managing innovation and the subsequent investment into them. Leaders need to enable the right investment at the right time and monitor the performance of those investments. Traditional measurements are often lagging and no longer relevant to innovative investments as they don’t necessarily generate immediate returns. A better approach is to evaluate leading indicators that confirm if an investment is on the right track.  


The right set of measurements can assist in monitoring the health of a company. Understanding the customer and their decision-making is critical in this process, as they longer make decisions based solely on product selection or price. Understanding these key decision points along with providing authentic, value-driven experiences is critical to securing a competitive advantage. At Webbs Hill Partners, we're meticulous about our work and take a rigorous, data-driven assessment of the financial risks and rewards of every investment we make.